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Game drive/ game viewing is the standard mode of wildlife viewing in the African national parks, concession, where both regulations and safety considerations restrict exploration on foot. Conditions are ideal for vehicle safaris; rising savanna fame country from the security and comfort of a car, you will encounter a large number and variety of animals simply by chance. Game drives in most of the parks are always invigorating: you may go from one species to the next – observing zebra here, giraffe there, a knot of impala on the right, a trio of elephant bulls ahead. However, there is really no guarantee on what you will see; the animals are free to move around as they please, and may even pass beyond park boundaries.

We agree with any serious traveler that the experience of an Africa safari must be one of life's great adventures. AFRICA! - The tawny continent, lies stretched before you in all its wildness, splendor and hope. Its future is shrouded in mystery, its past is written in legend.......

Kenya Safaris :

Kenya is currently the leading safari destination in Africa. Kenya is undoubtedly among the best adventure holiday destinations in the world. Immortalized by countless wildlife films,Game reserves are magnificent, filled with all manner of wildlife, vibrant cultures, beautiful lakes and beaches, and sweeping vistas that seem to go on forever.


Egypt Tours :

Egypt is located in North Africa and is among the top most tourist destinations of Africa and the world. Our comprehensive and affordable tours help you to explore the wonders of ancient Egypt,


South Africa Tours :

Choose from a wide range of great holidays in top tourist destinations in South Africa, including Cape Town, Sun City, Kruger National Park,South Africa occupies the southern tip of Africa, bordered in the North by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe


 Itinerary Briefs    Details

3 Days Amboseli National Park

3 Days Samburu National Reserve

4 Days Maasai Mara National Reserve

5 Days Masai Mara/Lake Nakuru National Park

6 Days Amboseli/Tsavo West/Tsavo East/ Mombasa.

6 Days Aberdares/ Lake Nakuru/L.Naivasha/ Masai Mara

7 Days Samburu/Lake Nakuru/Maasai Mara

7 Days Samburu/ Serena Mountain Lodge/L.Nakuru/ Mara

8 Days Tree Hotel/ Samburu/Sweet waters/L. Nakuru/ Mara

8 Day Kenya Classic Safari  Tour

9 Day Kenya Deluxe Safari Tour

10 Day Kenya Finest Safari Tour

11 Day Kenya Explorer Safari Tour

10 Days Kenya wildlife Photographic safaris

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda is a safari country, prominently known as the land of the mountain gorillas. The famous national parks for the gorillas are bwindi and Mgahinga. Mountain gorillas are very much different from what we see in the camera films! they are rather gentle and shy. These primates live in groups of 2 to 40 individuals, averaging about 11, headed by a Giant Male, called the Silver Back. The role of the silverback is to protect the group. He has absolute decision on where to forage, rest, sleep and also settle disputes among the members of the family.

Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania has an excellent collection of National Parks and Game Reserves.They are populated with wildlife like Kenya National Parks offering a very relaxing atmosphere. Adventure safaris, Tanzania camping safaris, luxury lodge safaris and wildlife safaris.Our safari choices lets you explore Tanzania's spectacular best National parks and game Reserves. Reserve and the most abundant movement of wildlife in Tanzania. Let Holiday Kenya Safaris help you discover the Tanzania magic with our best value prices for Safaris, Vacations and Holidays. Our team of dedicated travel experts will advise or guide you in all your travel and safari needs in Tanzania National Parks and game Reserves.

Lodges come in many shapes and sizes. Many lodges are famous for their beauty as well as comfort. The general quality of comfort, cleanliness and service is high. Each facility has its own ambience. The newer safari lodges are modern hotels designed for harmony with the natural setting. Spacious verandas look out over fame viewing areas with stunning landscapes well visited by game. Some lodges are so well placed, usually by strategic water points, that the game can
be seen at any time.

For those looking for Luxury and exclusivity, accommodation can also be in luxury tented Camps some of which are superior to lodge accommodation. Accommodation in budget tents characterizes camping safaris. This is recommended for the budget traveler seeking to spend many days on safari.

Obama has only made three visits to the village in his lifetime to trace his roots. But none of the visits propelled Kogelo to the international map as his win did. This is a special safari for adventurous travelers who want to discover Obama’s Kenyan roots as well as enjoy Africa's greatest wild animals -lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo etc.

Kenya Photographic Safari Photo safari in Kenya, top best photography safaris Masai Mara , Amboseli Samburu National park, Kakamega Kenya wildlife photography safari. vacation adventures in Kenya

Most safaris in East Africa are conducted in these safari minibuses. With large pop-up roofs they are designed for wildlife viewing and photography. Although equipped with nine seats the vehicles only seat seven people, ensuring you a window seat!

Kenya and Tanzania are great year-round destinations. July through August and the month of December are the busiest times in Kenya and Tanzania. Lodges and parks can be crowded with tourists and reservations often must be made six, eight, even nine months in advance. July and August also happen to be the best time to catch the wildebeest in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.


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